Rangoli Design

Just today alone I believe I made ten Rangoli designs in school, all on the entrances of main offices of my boss and management. I realized, Rangoli no more scares me, as like a pro i can do them in less than 5 minutes. and that's a relief. Well, the picture on display are the works of my students on ply board with acrylic paint and enamel paint. It surely looks like a woven carpet. Principal ma'am was very pleased with the children's work. Give your feedback too, any favorites?

Diwali Bulletin Board

Greetings to all,
Happy Diwali !
This Board was made to welcome OUR Hindu religious festival DIWALI. Green Diwali is the motto for all of us ,means  pollution free Diwali ,easily breathable Diwali. No Fumes and no crackers. I welcome GREEN DIWALI. DO YOU TOO?