3D flower tutorial

Flowers, they are always look beautiful in any form.You can add elegance and beauty and give complete look just by adding flower to anything. 2D or 3D doesn't matter, they look pretty in any shape.

I am going to give some 3D flower tutorial and tips where you can use them.

Tutorial for 3D flower, i am uploading tutorial pictures so you can have a clear idea how to do.And i uploaded some pictures below where i used these 3D flowers.

                                                                          Step 1:
I used big circles to make a big flower , you can take whatever size you want.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

I  mostly use them on my bulletin boards. And i tried them on rangoli too. Then i got this idea for the first time that 3D flowers can be used in Rangolis. They give  magical and unique look to the rangoli. I so wanted to share this idea on my blog and here it is.

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