Fire head prop for school annual function

There was one dance in annual function where kids had to dressed up like a fire.To denote fire i needed to make something for fire prop,so i used hair band with fire symbol on it.Now to make a fire prop on the hair band was the biggest challenge for me because it should be something stand on the head which obviously should not fall during the performance.
Initially i tried thermocole sheet to make fire but the thermocole sheet didn't work because its broke when kids started dancing.After so many trials one thing clicked that is foam sheet and after trying foam sheet on the head, Thank god it worked :).

I wanted to share the tutorial for fire prop in case some teachers need help.So i am going to tell you the tutorial step by step for that.

                                                                          Step 1:

                                                                      Step 2:

                                                                          Step 3:
                                                                           Step 4:

 Step 5: Make as many as you want

Step 6: Used glue gun to paste it on the hair bands.

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